o~Kто качался на моём стульчике и сломал его?T.T~o

Huh, i promiced to write here sometimes, but BUT one day my GM Igor wrote me at VK and asked -heyyy honey why arent you playing MU anymore? Come back to us!- and I started to play this online game again T_T
But were no only bad things in playing MU, in our guild were so many newbies and i like to chat with them in skype :P
Actually i already fell in love with one sexy boy from our guild... yea, like many times before :D But...
blah, i am an idiot am i? TT
I fell in love, but nobody NO ONE fell in love with me NEVER!
What should i do? Save the planet and kill myself? xD
Shit SHIT SHIIIIIIIIIIIIT! Im so so so so so so stupid! Stupid GIRLs wo hooo :D
Yea, dunno what else to say. I wanna fuck myself up! :D
And yes, i lied about no one fell in love with me - I fell in love with myself :P
Blah blah blah so many stupid words are in my head right now :P
I wanna listen to sad sad sad music. Stigmata - September are playing in my head :]
But i smile and laugh all the time, regardless of fact that deep in my heart and soul im sad and crying little girl...

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